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July, 22

Tuscany at Expo: an initial evaluation

Last day of Tuscany in Shanghai. Regional stand was one of the most visited


July, 16

The day of the Tuscan Health

The Regional Conference on Health at the Hilton Hotel in Shanghai. 70 businesses on mission to China

TEA: the WiTech project for the Shanghai Expo

WiTech is one among the Finalists for “Italia degli innovatori”, the initiative launched by the Italian Minister of Innovation (Renato Brunetta) that aims at selecting a number of innovations by Italian companies to be promoted at the Expo of Shanghai 2010 in the Italian pavilion.

WiTech, thanks to its innovative TEA family business case analysis tools, has been selected to promote its project at the Expo of Shanghai from 24th July to 7th August.

TEA family of business case analysis tools empowers you with an effective mean to lay a solid foundation for a successful 4G initiative, analyzing and tracking the business case through an iterative approach.

TEA family is a unique and integrated application, that takes into account all critical aspects (market, technical, economic and financial) ensuring the best possible alignment between business and technology strategies since the outset.

Thus, TEA family allows:

  • estimating the potential market and revenues for 4G services (Market Analysis);
  • dimensioning the network infrastructure to derive the required bill of quantities (Technical Analysis);
  • calculating all key economic-financial projections and indicators (Economic & Financial Analysis);
  • analyzing the influence of parameter and boundary condition changes (Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis);
  • automatically compiling and publishing a very detailed report in editable and PDF formats (Report).

TEA family is made up of two members TEA|WiMAX and TEA|LTE: as denoted by names, the former is designed for WiMAX initiatives, whilst the latter for LTE initiatives.

TEA family has been developed leveraging over six years of industry experience with strategic assignments and projects for major operators and equipment vendors.

To download more information, click here.

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